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Lighten Up! with Doug Brummel

Parish Missions * Keynote Speaking

Doug Brummel is a nationally-known Faith and Family Comedian and Storyteller. He travels the United States entertaining

and evangelizing to people of all ages through his “Lighten Up!” Parish Family Missions/Renewals,

Whole Community Theatre Events, and Keynote Presentations at regional and national conferences.

Doug and his ‘cast of characters’ have visited over 1400 parishes in 47 states

sharing “Lighten Up!” with people of all ages and stages. 

Doug’s captivating style stirs the hearts, minds, and souls of all who attend his presentations. His multi-generational style emphasizes life-long conversion. The joy and richness of our faith heritage shines through the many stories which are shared by Doug’s characters. They help us lighten up, laugh, and learn about our faith…all at the same time!

An Original Broadway-Caliber Catechetical Production...
filled with solid Catholic teaching & evangelization!

A Celebration of Faith & Family!

Perfect for ALL Generations...

kids, teens, young adults, parents, adults, & senior citizens!

"It is with great pride and honor that I recommend Mr. Doug Brummel. He makes sense out of the ordinary and calls us to the extraordinary. There is no one else like Doug Brummel in the field."
   ~ Anna Scally, Conerstone Media
 "Where Evangelization & Entertainment Collide!"

Doug Brummel is probably the finest inter-generational faith presenter I have had the privilege to witness in my 20 years of ministry.”


~  Mike Patin,                

       National Catholic Presenter

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