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Meet Doug


Who Is he? What does he do?

Doug Brummel is a nationally-known Faith and Family Comedian and

Storyteller. He travels the United States entertaining and evangelizing to people

of all ages through his “Lighten Up!” Parish Family Missions/Renewals, Whole

Community Theatre Events, and Keynote Presentations at regional and

national conferences.

Doug’s captivating style stirs the hearts, minds, and souls of all who attend his

presentations. His multi-generational style emphasizes life-long conversion.

The joy and richness of our faith heritage shines through the many stories

which are shared by Doug’s characters. They help us lighten up, laugh, and learn about our faith…all at the same time!

How did his ministry evolve?

Doug is the youngest of seven children born in Plano, a small rural town in Illinois. Raised in a fun, faith-filled, Catholic-Christian German farming family, Doug remembers “catching” his faith through his parent’s example. “They simply lived what they believed…even if no one was watching!”

Doug credits his love of laughter and joy to years of trying to sleep above the roar of the laughter which would emerge from the many ‘card clubs’ his parents hosted in their home. “To hear laughter, real belly-laughter, in the house is one of the greatest ways to teach children that life is worth living and that there is true joy in the Lord.”

Growing up, Doug’s family honored the Sabbath Day often times by taking a family drive on Sundays. “Where are we going?,” asked Doug. His parents’ reply was, of course, “You will find out when we get there.” Often the journey would end up at the homes of friends or family, where Doug would hear laughter, as well as witness the powerful medium of storytelling. “I would hear such wisdom come from people of other generations older than myself. I have always valued those experiences so much.”

In addition to sharing the laughter and wisdom of his parents, relatives, and his parents’ friends, Doug absorbed the talents of such great comedic examples of Carol Burnett, Tim Conway, Lucy & Desi, Red Skelton, and Gilda Radner. “My family would watch many of these shows together and laugh and laugh. Every once-in-a-while, the actors would do something which was deeply inspiring. I would look over at my mom, and there she would be with a tear running down her cheek. What treasured family memories! It was in those times that I realize the power of storytelling, humor, and the importance of family.”

“I was always taught God has a plan for each of us. God gives each of us special gifts and talents. It is our job to use these gifts for the greater glory of God.” Though I was often not sure if God had even given me some of these types of ‘gifts’, God sent me many spiritual teachers which pointed out my gifts. These people empowered me to use these talents and gifts in service to God and the Church.”

After earning his bachelors and masters degree, Doug followed God’s call by serving as a youth minister for years, and then as the Director of Retreats for a Christian Brothers Retreat House. Doug began his own ministry in 1992. This ministry has evolved dramatically over the years into a unique multi-generational “family-based” ministry. The focus of his ministry, Lighten Up! Minsitries, LLC, is to bring faith and family together again. His presentations have been welcomed in almost every state in the nation, serving many hundreds of church communities and organizations throughout the United States.

Doug focuses much of his time and energy serving individual church communities by presenting “Lighten Up!” Whole-Community Celebrations. Doug is also sought out by many organizations to present at diocesan, regional, and national events. His “Lighten Up!” presentations are a celebration of faith and family which appeals to all generations and brings the whole church family together in Christ. Many churches use this as their church missions, renewals, and retreats.

Doug is joined by his wife, Jennifer, in the ministry. Jennifer serves as Business Manager to Lighten Up! Ministries, LLC tending to the many details of bringing “Lighten Up!” events to life in various communities nationwide. They reside in Colorado with their seven children.

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