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Meet the Characters


Doug Brummel shares his 'cast of characters' during "Lighten Up!" Celebrations. These characters are purely fictitious, yet audiences are amazed at the transformation Doug achieves in making them and their many important messages so "real." They touch upon a multitude of faith issues that connect with everyday life in way that audiences will not soon forget!

These characters truly know how to 'lighten up' and not take themselves too seriously as they share their 'idiosyncrasies,' joys, sorrows, as well as wit and wisdom about their faith and family life. Many of these stories and insights have been influenced by the numerous stories people have shared with Doug throughout his life. Consequently, this provides incredible wisdom to each and every minute of a "Lighten Up!" Celebration.


Estelle the ‘Purple’ Lady

This new member of the “Red Hat Society” has recently learned that in addition to her “Red Hat Sisters” loving the color purple, a lot of churches do as well! She believes God is calling her to join the Church. Therefore, she is on the hunt to find one! She loves to meet people in the audience and ask them about their faith and family life…so be ready!



College Student Andrew

Being in college for nine years, Andrew has explored a multitude of majors including Religious Studies, Sociology, and Family Studies (he’s out to try them all.) He likes to share what he has learned. One thing that he knows for sure, though, is just how much he has come to value his faith and family (and not just for help with his tuition).



Hoover the Handyman

Hoover celebrated his early retirement from Caterpillar Tractor Company in Peoria, IL for about a week, when he started driving his wife, Bernice, crazy. He would always follow her around the Wal-Mart. Bernice’s prayers were answered when Hoover started sharing his time and talent with his local church community. He wants everyone to know what a blessing it can be to share your time and talents with your church community and to be ready to share what you truly believe about your faith and your family!



Sr. Simon the Teacher

This Bene-Dominican comes and shares the latest creative teaching techniques which are sure to reach all generations and help everyone connect their faith into everyday life. Sister has the gift of intermixing her quick wit with audience interaction, deep wisdom, inspiring moments, and very ‘teachable’ moments.



Little Boy Timmy

This joy-filled kindergartener is eager to share with audiences his innocence, his energetic spirit, and his humorous and touching stories about his own family and his relationship with God. A little imagination is all it takes to lighten up your spirit with Timmy!



Rob the Busy Man

To begin with, Rob cannot really figure out why his wife dragged him to this “Lighten Up” Celebration! He is a very busy man. He really wants to take a look at his family’s overbooked schedule to see if there might be a way to lighten up their family schedule. Rob’s frank conversation with God hits the heart and soul of all who “listen in.”



Old Man Joe

Filled with wit and wisdom, this widower shares stories about his marriage, family, and faith. Joe’s story touches the heart and nourishes the soul like no other through his sharing about his marriage and the loss of his wife, Ethel. He shares how his faith has helped him heal the loss of his wife, as well as how the young people of the youth group have really been a blessing in his life through their gift of presence.


The Audience

Doug reminds audiences that the fact is we are all a 'bunch of characters' and we are all called to share our stories and celebrate 'faith and family' everyday!

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