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I personally have experienced (Lighten Up! Celebrations) and have found them to be a most refreshing approach to evangelization.

~   Bishop Michael Sheridan, Colorado Springs, CO

It is with great pride and honor that I recommend Mr. Doug Brummel. He makes sense out of the ordinary and calls us to the extraordinary. There is no one else like Doug Brummel in the field.

~   Anna Scally, Cornerstone Media, Santa Rosa, CA

I can’t believe how you teach us so much while entertaining us! What a wonderful combination!

~   65-year-old parishioner, Pueblo, CO

I’ve been to a lot of shows and paid as much as $100 a ticket. But, I’ve never been to a show and gotten as much out of it as this!

~   Senior citizen, Monument, CO

Doug, you have an extraordinary talent to touch people’s hearts, open their minds to the gospel, and expand their horizons of what it means to be a Catholic in today’s world!

~   Pastor, Rochester, NY

Thank you…through your evangelization efforts our community has grown. In using humor to share our faith with others, you touched the lives of all those present, from the youngest child to the oldest adult and those in between. Our community really needed to ‘Lighten Up!’ and you allowed us an avenue to do this, while learning basic faith concepts at the same time. Please know you are changing families and communities as you share ‘Lighten Up!’ with others. In our church, to have a ‘church event’ in which people come early to get good seats was unheard of until now. It was awesome for me, to see a standing room only crowd. When you plan for a big event like this, you always hope people will show up. Well, with you, my hopes were met and then some! Jennifer made our job of advertising and publicizing the event very easy. Thanks for having everything so laid out for us. I thank God for sending you to us!

~   Pastoral Associate, Indianapolis, IN

Doug’s profound faith permeates his presentations. His witness is authentic and is important to all ages. Publicize his coming and you will have visitors from fifty miles around your church. He is that good!

~   Pastoral Associate, Fairport, NY

Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and your ministry with us. ‘Lighten Up!’ was such a blessing for our community, bringing all generations together in fun and faith! We’ve seen an increase in energy and are exploring new ways of bringing everyone together again. ‘Lighten Up!’ has really shown that great things happen when we ALL come together in the Spirit.

~   Youth Director, Henrietta, NY

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the wonderful job you did for us. I heard so many positive comments from enthusiastic kids and families who were so glad they made the time to attend. I thought ‘Lighten Up!’ was great. Each character and component of ‘Lighten Up!’ segued smoothly into the next and your energy was so high - I know you put this show on frequently, but it was as fresh and professional as it could be. And the beautiful message running through it was something everyone could take home with them. Last night, we had our community reconciliation service and there was a record high attendance. I think that is owing to the gift of the parish mission has enlivened so many people and reminded them of how important should be their relationship with Christ.

~   Religious Education Director, Littleton, CO

My entire family enjoyed Doug on both nights of ‘Lighten Up!’ What a fun time and what a nice change. Faith really can be fun! Doug truly was faith inspiring.

~   Indianapolis, IN

I am 80 years old. I have never seen anything like this at our church. I learned more in these two nights than I have in all my years. You have a wonderful way of teaching and inspiring us through your wit and wisdom!

~   Hays, KS

I attended the mission last night and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation. Keep up the good work.

~   Wadsworth, OH

Your work is truly a ministry that blesses and inspires many. As a Director of Faith Formation, I work hard to convey the values that you express so well…you do it much better and more effectively than any program or study I organize. Thank you. I admire your trust in the Lord. He lives and works in you.

~   Director of Faith Formation, North Platte, NE

Thanks again for the wonderful evening and for re-energizing me! Keep up the great work; you truly make an impact on others.

~   Evansville, IN

We just wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed your amazing presentation! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and your time with us. We were strengthened as a family by attending.

~   DeRidder, LA

Thank you so much for sharing your God-given gifts with our community! Your presence, faith, and talent truly empowered us to Lighten Up! It has been a joy and blessing to have you with us, to soak in your message, and share fellowship with you.

~   Director of Family Ministry, Kettering, OH

Initially we were only going to attend tonight’s presentation. With three kids (ages 2, 6 and 7) who are usually in bed by 7:30 pm, an evening event is somewhat difficult for us. But, after seeing your first night, we’ll be back tomorrow night too! We’ll make it happen because the message you convey is so important and your presentation is engaging and delightful for the entire family! So, again, we thank you! We’re so glad you came!

~   Fairport, NY

Thank you so much for having ‘Lighten Up.’ The program was the best of its kind with humor, good information, and sent a very much needed message to us all. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Bravo!

~   Indianapolis, IN

Our two kids (ages 17 and 13) attended both nights of ‘Lighten Up!’ with us. It was delightful as a parent to hear them talk about running into their friends the next day at school and how they talked about ‘Lighten Up!’ in the hallway, or to hear our children use some of your punch lines at the supper table. Knowing they heard - and remembered - the jokes makes me know they heard and will remember the serious things as well. Hopefully, I will also be able to remember and be able to incorporate what I learned into my parenting and teaching through the years. Thank you for introducing us to your delightful characters. May God continue to bless your family and ministry.

~   Marion, IA

First of all I wanted to tell you what a tremendous impact you had on our congregation. They really loved your ‘characters’ and the message you brought. Unfortunately I have the homilies this weekend so I find it very hard to follow you. Can you make it back to help me out? Thanks for your wonderful message and presentation!

~   Pastor, Jeffersontown, KY

Your presentation was absolutely awesome! My family and I had a chance to reflect on where we were and where we are now with our faith. For that, we AGAIN thank you!

~   Dayton, OH

I thank the Holy Spirit for your ministry and for inspiring me during it. I came to lighten up, and did some great laughs, but I spent at least as much time in tears - tears of thanksgiving for my family, this church, His goodness, and His love for us. You have touched many here.

~   Parish Business Administrator, Rapid City, SD

We just wanted to take the time to thank you for coming to our church in Mascoutah. The many lessons you teach during your presentation and the way that you do it, is just awesome and reaches every age category. We cannot thank you enough for sharing your gifts and talents with our church community and helping us all to lighten up!

~   Mascoutah, IL

It was a pleasure to see you again, Doug. What a treat to watch your ‘friends’ come to life for yet another huge audience!

~   Youth Director, Amarillo, TX

Thank you for providing such fun-filled learning for all ages.

~   Pastor, Delaware, OH

All I can say after ‘Lighten Up!’ is WOW and THANKS! You certainly touched my heart and the hearts of those who attended. I have heard LOTS of compliments…and the weekend services have not even started!

~   Pastoral Administrator, Elkhart, IA

We enjoyed having Doug. People are still talking about him. He was just what we needed at this time. It was so good to see our parishioners laugh and having a good time together. Thanks for making our job easier by having everything so laid out for us as far as planning, organizing, and getting publicity. Keep up the good work. You are changing families and parishes!

~   Pastoral Administrator, Indianapolis, IN

Thanks for a great few days! I am grateful to you, Doug and Jennifer for putting together those days which touched the lives of many people! It was a very positive experience for our families and youth. There was an electricity there that is still with us.

~   Diocesan Youth Director, Altoona- Johnstown, PA

On behalf of all the people of our parish and all the visitors for the mission, I want to extend our most sincere thanks to you both for that wonderful mission. I have heard nothing but compliments from all I have spoken with about their experience. One lady told me that her mother had passed away just one month before ‘Lighten Up!’ and that she herself had not cried or laughed since then until the first night of your event. Thank you again for the wonderful work that you do in helping to carry out the Gospel message and the faith to so many different communities in such a unique way. Our little parish has not had such a gathering in some time and I have noticed a renewed vigor in many of our usual volunteers.

~   Pastor, Aurora, IL

People here are still talking about the two evenings you spent with us and what a wonderful message we received. We prayed for you at all the Masses this weekend and thanked God for bringing you to our community.

~   Director of Music, Indianapolis, IN

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