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What We Do

"Lighten Up!" Parish/School/Diocesan Family Celebrations


What is the typical format of a “Lighten Up!” Whole-Community Celebration?

  • TWO-NIGHT SERIES… brings a fresh approach to parish missions and renewals!  (6:47-8:27pm)


How can we use “Lighten Up!” in our particular church community?

  • Church Family Mission/Renewal

  • Fall Kick-Off

  • Capital Campaign Efforts

  • Easter Season Celebration

  • Advent/Lenten Series

  • Parish Anniversary Celebration

  • Multi-Generational Evangelization Event

  • Component of a new Worship Space Celebration

  • Use your creative ideas…the ways are countless!


Why is “Lighten Up!” so unique? Because it…

  • Follows the Church’s call for evangelization and the promotion of the sanctity of marriage and family.

  • Utilizes creative ways to teach and foster important issues regarding faith and family.

  • Inspires, rejuvenates, and enhances ongoing church programs and ministries.

  • Addresses, literally, hundreds of issues relevant to today’s believers.

  • Provides an opportunity for staff and volunteers to be “fed” themselves.

  • Welcomes people who have been away from the Church, as well as guests who have never had a church community, and those of other faiths to attend the event.

  • Utilizes a true “time and talent” effort as a variety of members of a community work together as a planning team to share their time and talents as they together plan, market, and tend to the various details of the “celebration.”

  • Demonstrates how laughter and learning can go hand in hand.


How about the planning and marketing for the “Lighten Up!” event?

  • A Planning Team is formed by the hosting community to coordinate the various needs of the event including: Marketing, Hospitality, Refreshments, Sound and Lighting needs, and Supplies.

  • A Marketing Planning Calendar Outline assists in making sure all of the marketing and planning details are completed according to anticipated marketing schedule to best prepare for the event.

  • A Professional Marketing Resource Kit is provided to the hosting parish to provide many resources for marketing the event to a parish community. Featured items include:

    • Full-Color Posters

    • Vinyl Banners to be used outside

    • Bulletin Inserts & Bulletin Announcements

    • Promotional Fliers

    • Intercessory Prayers & Prayer Cards

    • Newspaper/TV/Radio Press Releases

    • Camera-Ready Photos

    • Ribbons    ...AND SO MUCH MORE!

"Mass Confusion" one-night celebration


  • Doug is teaming up with established musician and award-winning singer-songwriter,                                                                David Wilson, in a new presentation entitled “Mass Confusion”. 

  • It is an interactive, Catholic catechetical comedy which engages all ages!

  • “Mass Confusion” inspires, teaches and evangelizes about the rich beauty, history, and                                                       meaning of our Catholic Faith, focusing especially on the Mass. 

Mass COnfusion pic.png
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